All donations to the sabha are exempt under section 80G(2)(a)(iv) of I.T.Act-1961 vide I.T. Order No. CIT(E)BLR/80G/SEPT-10/AAQTS6265H/ ITO (E)-1/Vol 2016-2017

Appeal for Membership

About Saamagaana Sangeetha Sabha:

Saamagaana Sangeetha Sabha, Sahakaranagar, Bangalore was established in Jan 2015 with the aim of providing a platform for upcoming Indian Classical Musicians and to promote Indian Classical Music in North Bangalore. As a part of its objectives the Sabha has so far conducted six chamber concerts by upcoming artists, two workshops an annual music festival and two music concerts by two of India’s leading artists.

The Sabha was registered as a Public Charitable Trust in Jan 2016 to further its objectives and promote India Classical Music even better.

The events so far has been conducted mainly through donations received from many patrons. The Sabha has decided to call for memberships which will help the Sabha organize more events and sustain its activities on a longer run.

Your membership will enable the Sabha morally & financially to organize concerts from reputed artists/workshops by senior vidwans/promote upcoming artists and nurture our culture.

The Sabha has also decided to extend the validity of the membership to the family of the member and not restrict just to the member.

Membership Type:

  • Annual Membership

Amount   : Rs 1000/- (Payable in Two Installments)

Validity    : 1 Year (May to April)

                Membership Benefits:

  • Invites to the upcoming events of the Sabha through Post/Email/SMS
  • Enjoy quality Indian Classical Music…..
  • Life Membership

Amount   : Rs 5000/- (Payable in Four Installments)

Validity    : Life Time

                Membership Benefits:

  • Invites to the upcoming events of the Sabha through Post/Email/SMS
  • Discounts for workshops conducted by the Sabha
  • Enjoy quality Indian Classical Music…..


Membership Form Download: SSS_Membership_Registration_Form